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Our philosophy is simple: customer service. From fast food to car repairs, we’ve all experienced the frustration and inconvenience of an order that isn’t right. So when we came up with the idea for Oregon Stationers, we built it around something we saw lacking in our competitors… accuracy. And on top of that, we threw in speed.

We provide the same level of quality work on every job, delivering your finished product quickly, accurately and always on time. At Oregon Stationers, we do it right the first the time, every time. Because we know that when it comes to meeting deadlines in today’s business world, you rarely get a second chance.

We operate by four basic tenets. In a nutshell, they are:

No job is too small. You’re busy. Let us save you time (and money) by removing the hassle of those smaller jobs that can add up and often consume your day. Don’t give it a second thought – we’ll call you when it’s ready!

Don’t be afraid to ask. One of the reasons we have such loyal customers is our creativity. Whether you’re placing your message in print, online or on the side of a bus, we’re happy to help grow your ideas into powerful marketing messages. Small requests can often open the door to large possibilities, and it all starts with our collaborative team.

Critical care on quick turnaround. Here at Oregon Stationers, every order receives the same level of personal attention. But sometimes when people move quickly, things get missed. Not here. Our staff is trained to perform at the highest level, under the tightest deadlines… and they do it with a smile. No kidding, they really do!

Savings with ‘whole company solutions.’ They say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket… but that’s not the case with a printer. You’ll save time and considerable money by working with us for all your printing and design needs. That’s because a great deal of time goes into setting up print jobs, with everything ranging from graphics and layout to ink and paper selections. We streamline that process, ensuring consistent branding across all your materials, cutting costs while producing a superior result.

Here at Oregon Stationers, we value our long term relationships.
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Your Image - Your Logo - Your Message - Full Service Printing in McMinnville OR

What others have said...

“Oregon Stationers, deserves an A+ for customer service, quality
and care. I confidently rely on their follow-through and experience for all my
quick turn-around needs!”

- F. Knight, Baraka Institute

3 x 5' custom full color banner on 18oz heavy duty vinyl
     Hemmed and grommeted.